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Grief Support DVD

Grief Support DVD

Free to Grief Support Groups in Tarrant County

A Five-Part Grief Support Video Series

A Five-Part Grief Support Video Series 

  • Free to Area Grief recovery groups
  • Pastors / Ministers
  • Grief and other Family Counselors
  • Caregivers
  • Church Classes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Hospice organizations
Other community groups
  • All individuals: $30 includes tax, and Free shipping   
  • All support groups outside Tarrant County:  $30 includes tax, and Free shipping 

The loss of a loved one takes the surviving family to life’s most painful room. Surprisingly, and in spite of past experiences with loss, most people have never received instruction or help in how best to deal with their grief.  

The Decision

Knowing this, we asked well-known grief counselor Michael Tucker to conduct a series of grief support meetings at our funeral homes. Mike is a licensed grief counselor who has conducted grief support training throughout the nation and in a number of foreign countries. He can be seen regularly on national television and has been a great friend to our funeral homes and cemeteries.

After overwhelming positive response to these grief support meetings, and knowing that Mike’s time would not allow him to continue an ongoing schedule of meetings, a decision was made to professionally record this valuable information so thousands more can be helped as they face life’s most demanding time.

Because of this decision, The Journey Through Grief DVD became a reality. Now, the instruction of one of our nation’s foremost grief counselors is being made available without charge to area grief support groups and qualified organizations where it can be shown and discussed in a group where ongoing care and support is available.  For groups outside of Tarrant County and for all individuals there is a $30 fee which includes tax and free shipping and handling.

The Product

Each 30-minute video session of The Journey Through Grief is packed with helpful and compassionate information on grief and the grieving process. Recorded in the comfortable setting of a beautiful home, each video presentation builds upon the instruction of the previous session. And because the recorded sessions can be viewed on a TV, participants can relax as they watch as a group. And unlike a live grief seminar, participants have the ability to view missed sessions between group meetings.

Although the series can be helpful for individuals, it is recommended they be seen in a group with a trained grief support leader. The format is designed to provide a time of group discussion after each session to be led by a grief support leader. Study Guides for both leaders and participants are included on the DVD and can easily be downloaded on a computer. Sessions should be spread out over a series of weeks to allow participants time to process the information and to implement the instructions provided in the instruction.

In addition to the five sessions, the DVD also includes an:

  • Informative Before-You-Begin Preview
  • Question & Answer Session (to be shown after the fifth session)
  • Leader’s Study Guide (Computer PDF for printing)
  • Individual’s Study Guide (Computer PDF for printing) and
  • Promotional Posters and Flyer (Computer PDF for printing)

The Response

Response to The Journey Through Grief has been most rewarding. Grief support groups, hospices, churches, hospitals and others have all voiced their overwhelming positive response to The Journey Through Grief. It is our desire to provide this helpful DVD instruction to as many as we can.

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