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Travel Protection by Inman

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A Lifetime of Travel Protection

Imagine being just 100 miles away from home, or worse, traveling more than 1,000 miles away in a foreign land when death occurs.

  • What do your survivors do?
  • Whom do they call?
  • How will your return home be paid for?

Unfortunately, this scenario occurs hundreds of times -- every single day.  And sadly, most families are not prepared for the untold difficulties, expenses  or emotional cost that makes life’s saddest time more painful.

However, thanks to Greenwood’s relationship with Travel  by Inman, you can rest knowing all cost and arrangements will be made for your safe return home.

Travel Protection by Inman

The Worldwide Leader in Crisis Transportation

Enroll Today

5 Important Reasons to Enroll TODAY!

5 Important Reasons to Enroll TODAY!

1. FINANCIAL PROTECTION. Protect your family and your estate from expenses from $1500 to $15,000 in airfare and other costs.

2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. With Inman you have the world's leader as a partner to immediately step in when the need is critical to make all the difficult domestic and international travel involved should a death take place more than 100 miles from your legal residence.

3. NO RESTRICTIONS. Any age or health condition is accepted. 

4. WORLDWIDE PROTECTION. Coverage includes travel in all 50 states and anywhere in the world. 

5. PEACE OF MIND. Travel the rest of your life knowing you are protecting your family from the traumatic ordeal of arranging transport in case of your death.

If you travel, or plan to travel in the future, don’t delay.